Aren't I supposed to feel different?

9:41 AM

        People always ask if you feel different after your birthday. My reply: no. I'm one year closer to driving but it's not like there's any big milestones that you reach when you turn 14. Last night I had a "party" although I wouldn't consider 3 friends, me, and my sister a party, though. We still had fun and that's what counts. Right?
      At Made, I found a tutorial for ruffled steamers. Mine didn't turn out as ruffly as hers but let me tell you they were pretty darn easy! They look pretty cute if I do say so myself!

 I swear if I see another ball of colored chocolatey goodness, I'm going to puke.
These were unbelievably amazing... until this occurred: 

 Every girl needs to have a backup pair of white shorts doesn't she? It's also a good idea to have a backup for your backup when you forgot to wash the backup after they somehow got bike oil on them.

 I think my mom was under the impression I was turning 4 and not 14.

  We decorated plain white T-shirts with paint and sharpies.  Super fun. I did some hand prints and a huge blob of green and blue paint. I drew a peacock head on and wallah. On the back I wrote some quotes out in cursive. Some of my friends just did some splatter paint and they all looked super cute. I think the idea actually turned out better than I thought it would.
 For party favors I just made each of the girls a hair clip and then threw them in a bag with some silly string.

My mom was originally going to make me the same cake she makes me every year since my fourth birthday.  Here's last years: 
Instead she got me this:

        I was surprised, since I, unlike my sister, have not had a store bought birthday cake since my 3rd birthday. I guess I just needed a change.
       Well, I guess that I'll just enjoy my birthday by myself since my whole family either has plans or is currently passed out with the curtains closed. Maybe I'll think of some crafty to do. I can just ignore the to do list my mom gave me. Seriously Mom? I'm not going to clean the bathroom on my birthday.

       If you're fluent in Spanish (which I'm NOT) you can find me featured at Comparte tus Ecoideas. Basically a bunch of very cute, Eco friendly ideas over there. It's too early for me to translate the little Spanish that I do know. Especially since I just pulled an all nighter. Probably not the best idea...
       You can also find me featured at The Crafty Cpa. I think being featured is probably one of the best blogger honors ever. I could barely sleep after I saw she featured me!
     Just in time for my birthday, I won a gift card to Target from Very Jane over at Serving Pink Lemonade. Serving Pink Lemonade is an adorable blog. I heart it! And of course Very Jane has just about the cutest stuff ever.
                                                            Good birthday? I think so.

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2 Sweet little note(s)

  1. Happy Birthday! I also saw those streamers at Made and wanted to make them! :)

    Love the hair clips! How did you make them?

    And 3 close friends and a sister does make a party! :)

  2. Happy Birthday!!!!! Sounds like you had an awesome party!


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