Adios mis pollitos pequenos- Goodbye my girls!

1:57 PM

        So yes, Mis pollitos pequenos actually means my small chickens not my girls. In English I call them my girls but in Spanish I call them mis pollitos pequenos. "Ito" on the end of a word means small or with love. So ito and pequeno are like a double small.
       Well, enough with the language lesson. On to the actual point of this post. On Thursday night I said goodbye to my ten lovely girls. Friday morning, I went to school for my last day of exams, went to the movies with a friend and saw the new Pirates of the Caribbean in 3D, and went to my graduation dance. This morning I woke up and had my last track meet of the season. Today is my first day of Summer. How am I celebrating? Well, I haven't figured that out yet but I do know without my girls. Between my dad's out of state job and my mom working full time, we're never home to take care of them.
        I never actually met the people who bought them. I guess I'm just still in shock. They're gone.
        I remember when they were just cute little chicks:

                                           When they went through their awkward stage:

And when they matured into beautiful little ladies:

And now they're gone.
So, this is where I will officially say goodbye.
Goodbye Ava Leigh.
Goodbye Aubree
Goodbye Alexis
Goodbye Apryl
Goodbye Sasha
Goodbye Phoebe
Goodbye Cora
Goodbye Nadia
Goodbye LuLu
Goodbye Norah.
I love you guys. 

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  1. Oh man... that's sad :( I am sure you chose a good new home for them, but still... it's so sad!


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