Yes, another shirt dress!

5:49 PM

Remember how I made a Shirt Dress for one of the little girl's I'm staying with in Mississippi? Well, I made another one for her big sister. I realized that I was leaving in less than a week and the clock was ticking so I had to start and finish it. Over at MADE, you can find the tutorial for this darling dress. I definitely made a few mistakes as you can see. 

 I made a rolled flower out of the denim and just pinned it on.

 The shirt was stained to begin with and was in an awkward place that I couldn't cover up.

 Luckily they weren't as noticeable from the outside

 There wasn't a button near the bottom and I didn't want this dress to fly open and allow the little girl to show some leg, so I just did a running stitch all the way up to the top which sealed off everything.

I love it! I really hope the girls love them as much as I do!

And on a final note, before I go and ask people if they'd like to do a guest post within the next few weeks, is anyone willing to step forward?

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7 Sweet little note(s)

  1. So cute Maggie! You did an excellent job (of course!!) Thanks for linking this up at Hazel & Honeysuckle ^_^ xx

  2. Those are awesome! I have seen the tutorial at Made, have set aside shirts to do this, and have yet to do it :( But your post makes me want to kick it in gear! I love the addition of the rosettes, too. What a thoughtful gift. I'm here from A Little Knick Knack and I'm going to be a new follower :) Your blog is great!

  3. They're adorable!!! Hmmm - I have a husband with shirts and some little girls who always need new dresses! Just might be doing this one of these days!!!

  4. Hi!

    I came across your project on Party Mindie Style!
    Such cute Shirt Dresses! I loved them!

    Do visit my blog too at


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