T-Shirt Redo FAIL

12:28 PM

         I really should be studying right now. Too bad I'm not. So far I've got 3 exams down, 6 more to go. URG. Science, Tech, Gym, Spanish, English, Math, Choir, U.S. History, and Religion. If you're wondering exactly how you have a gym exam, don't worry. I was confused, too. 75 multiple choice on questions like how to be a good christian person during a game. Most questions were repeated several time with different word order. If you get it wrong once, you're going to get it wrong 3 times then. Oh great. So well I should be going over Lit terms and spanish verbs I'll just write a post.
         On Sunday, I decided that I wanted to make a T-shirt with ruffles on it. Here's some pictures:

 I had to cut the end off since the shirt was practically a dress.
 Like my cutting skills? I'll just blame the scissors.
Looks okay right? Wait until you actually see it on me: 

Clown or Old English? I probably won't be wearing this. ever. Plus it's too big so I'm not a big fan....

Don't you just love Spring? I know I do!

Ohhh and I'm also looking for anyone who'd like to guest post while I'm on vacation from June to mid July. Anyone?

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1 Sweet little note(s)

  1. Love the attempt! You should cut the collar into a different shape, like a V and do the same thing with the ruffles.

    I have a failed project that I'll be posting about tomorrow! :)

    I'd be willing to do a guest post - about what -I have no idea!

    Good luck on the rest of your exams!


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