Little Girl's Shirt Dress

5:46 PM

        Over at MADE, I fell in love with her Shirt Dress. Words cannot describe just how adorable it is. I instantly thought of the two beautiful girls ages 2 and 3 that I'm going to stay with in Mississippi.

         I first raided my dad's closet. Not much luck there but then about 2 weeks ago at a garage sale I found a XL women's shirt for a dollar. It was perfect. 

 I recommend drawing out half a pattern, cut out all but along the center line, fold it over and then trace it and cut out so you get a full pattern. The one on the right is my first try. Hahaha. FAIL.
  If the sleeves seem extremely big, don't worry. It'll all work out.

 Goodness it was a pretty big shirt, but almost not big enough!

Finished. I LOVE it. This one is for the 2 year old. I didn't have any of her clothes to reference so most of it was just an estimation. I had her mom send me some measurements but for things like the sleeves and neckline, I had to guess. I'm not going to Mississippi to see those gorgeous southern belles until June 3rd but I'll definitely take some pictures and post them. For her older sister, I have a denim shirt but I'm a little stumped for a waistband. Any ideas? 

Oh and if anyone would like to volunteer to guest post while I'm on vacation, I'd love to have someone. I've had two bloggers interested so far. But I don't think 2 is enough to fill up 5 weeks. Huh? 

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2 Sweet little note(s)

  1. How cute is that!? Love it! And maybe for the denim dress, if you had any of the material left over from the striped dress they could an opposite sort of way :)
    Great Job!!


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