Hex Nut Bracelet

2:08 PM

I now present... a real life CRAFT Post! Woot woot. Haven't seen one of those around here in a while.
As I was scouring thru pinterest, I came across a few posts pins about a Hex Nut Braided Bracelet. I'd seen similar version before but none really sparked my interest. This one did!
I decided to brave the garage...

 There are drawers and drawers of neatly marked bits and bobbles. Wish my craft room was this organized.

 The first drawer I found contained some oddly shaped nuts.

 The second one had some greater results.
 As you can see, those nuts are very dirty. How about we substitute rusty for dirty and keep things G Rated here. I looked for something to clean them and stumbled upon this mystery closest.
 I grabbed something that seemed like it would work and ran back inside.
 Did I mention that I was barefoot? Very smart decision. 

 I grabbed my yarn, cut three one yard pieces and started braiding.

 I realized my hex nuts were a little bigger than what they had used.
 and they refused to stick to hot glue to keep them in place.
 I braided one inch sections
  And wallah!
It's heavy and awkward and will very likely rarely ever be worn. Either way, I'm proud of myself :)
Look at this sweet moment I witnessed in my backyard. Eek! So cute!

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  1. what a unique project! thanks for shring this with us and we hope to see this week at the party. have a lovely weekend!



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