Homecoming Dresses

8:04 PM

      Today I went shopping. I didn't find anything. That's usual for me. It takes me like 5 trips to find what I want. It annoys the crap out of my mom.
      When I couldn't find anything at Group USA, I decided to do some looking online. Here's my favorite find.

Too bad it's got a nice juicy price tag of $99.99.
Thankfully I have about a month and a half to find a dress. Once school starts though, I doubt I'll find the time.
I'll admire this baby from a distance for now.
I'll try on the dress and whine at how stubby it makes my legs look. 
At how well it brings out my numerous bruises in places practically impossible to even get bruises in. 
At how awkward it makes me look.
At how hard it is to find shoes to match.
Either way, 
I'm in love.

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