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Whew. It feels like it's been a long week already. And it's Tuesday...
Today I did two kind of big things.
I gave a speech and drove a car. I drove at night (duskish), on dirt roads, and with my dad. Three things I do not like to drive on/with.
I'm currently doing Spanish homework and listening to country music with a towel on my head. It was out of style day at school today. Yes, I did tease my hair. Sorry no pictures. But I did get an iphone on Sunday! Had to buy that one myself... and pay for all the data.
Here's a picture that my friend had taken of me on my cruise:

Woot. Kind of love the idea of dressing up until I actually do it...
And To tell you the truth, I really don't care about Bio vocab or neighborhoods in Spain either.

I got some good news though yesterday! I made academic all state for cheer! Woot woot. 4.0 does pay off.

Anyway, I have my third day of driver's training tomorrow and I drive with the instructor for the first time. I also get to sit and "observe" two teenage boys for 2 hours. ggggreeaaaattt. Let's hope I can make it back alive after that.

Okay, homework. Dance moms. Bed. Goodnight!

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