The Wet Dog Adventures

4:25 PM

Today there was a grass fire on my way home from school so we had to turn around and take a different route. 
Then I saw some murals that I rarely see and forgot how much I love them.
Then I realized how much I wanted to take pictures.
Then I convinced my sister to put on a dress and be my model.

 There were some interesting out takes...

 But most of the photos were pretty good:

And then I heard a loud howling. The neighbors have a lot of dogs and I just shrugged it off wishing that they'd shut the dog up eventually. 
And then I saw this:
Someone had fallen into the ice on our pond. It had been frozen until we ended up with some 60 degree weather. 
 That created a lot of shots like this:
 But also some like this: 

 And then we had to go inside and leave the poor baby outside to dry: 
 This is how she tells us that she's ready to go inside:
Have a good day! And I'd like to give a shout out to my best friend of 15 years. Today is her birthday. We are exactly 2 months apart.  Here's a semi old oldie since I couldn't find the real oldie that I had wanted to share.

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7 Sweet little note(s)

  1. Cute to include the outtake, lol. You have some really great photos here - so cool that you actively practice your art. Thanks so much for sharing at our party today.

  2. Nice photo's like the legs flying.........andi

  3. Great photos...what a trouper your sister is for modeling a dress in the cooler weather (I am in FL so 60 seems freezing to us lol)...Glad the pouch escaped the pond ok.

    Blessings Kelsie

  4. I like you pictures, Margaret. I specially like the one with the feet and the rock and also the ones with the dog. What a cutie.

    I'm visiting from The Simple Things.

    Regards from Barcelona.

  5. Oh and my main blog is:
    (I'm sharing it with you since you said it... ;) )

  6. Cute recap of your day and nice photos. :) I really like the photo of your friend's legs and skirt while she stands on the tree stump. The dog looks like a sweetheart too.


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