The Bad Day out of the Good Few

10:16 PM

Every few good days, you're bound to have a bad day. Well that's what yesterday was and well the whole week.

 School was a mess. It wasn't too bad except for the killer head ache I had.

As soon as I got in the car, I found out that my dad had had low blood sugar and drove into a building. He totaled the car and walked away without a scratch. How he's not dead, I have no idea.

As I was sitting in the library, my mom was looking through the newspaper. We saw that our elderly neighbor had passed away. She was a close friend who had had cancer. She and her husband were the sweetest people.

I also found out that a friend of mine had gotten into a snowboarding accident and paralyzed his back. He's out of the hospital and into physical therapy learning to walk again.

Prayers for my family, my neighbor's family, and my friend would be greatly appreciated. I don't know about them but things really are rough for us these days.

I'm now sitting here trying not to cry as I'm watching the Titanic. Gosh what was I thinking watching a sad movie when we're out of ice cream? Stupid decision right there. Always check before you watch.

Hopefully things will be better next week. Tomorrow I have a guest post for you guys. It's a great one and I'm excited! Goodnight :)

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