Vacation Part 3

10:00 AM

The final and best part of my trip... After I got on the boat. I had a mini photoshoot with my sister in our room. We had a window!

 We had so much fun....

 This says "You are beautiful" if you can't read the miniscule lettering. I thought it was cool.
 This whatever it is was amazing with all of the lights.
 The sun rise in the morning was beautiful!
We stopped in Cozumel, Mexico where we went snorkeling. It was fun but there really weren't that many fish. 
Next stop was Belize! It was great. We went and saw Mayan Ruins. 
 My sister and I were bored and tired out of our minds. And my back kept seizing up so I could barely stand but our tour guide was great. He kept making alcohol and iguana related jokes.

We weren't able to stop in Roatan Island, Honduras but what we saw was amazing. The boat lingered around the island for the day to stay on schedule and it was beautiful. 
We went to Costa Maya, Mexico the next day and actually went swimming with dolphins! I'm too lazy to scan the pictures that we bought so you guys won't get to see them.

I can't even begin to describe how much fun I had on the boat! I met a lot of friends and I plan on going to see them this summer. There was a teen club as well as a kids club, great food (one restaurant was open 24 hours and I made several stops there around midnight), a pool (salt water), 4 hot tubs, night clubs, casino, and gosh just about everything! It was amazing!

Thinking about taking your family on a cruise? Do it. The ship I went on was the Norwegian Spirit. Apparently its a small ship but it was definitely big enough for me to roam around without seeing my family too much.

I don't have any pictures that I took with my friends but they put some up on Facebook. I'm already saving to go see all my friends in New Orleans this summer.

Oh and a quick shout out to my dad who starts a new job on Monday! Good luck!

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