Another Photoshoot Attempt

9:00 AM

I decided that I'm going to give my mom a photo book for Mother's day. To give a photobook, you need photos. Well, so what if Mother's day isn't until May! I decided to knock a few photos out of the way now. I've also been planning a photo wall for my basement.

The photo book will have pictures of my sister and I. Well my sister isn't the easiest person to take pictures of. She sits. and complains.  Common complaints include the following:
"It's cold!"
"This dress is uncomfortable."
"I want to go inside!"
"I'm hungry!"
"The ground is wet!"

I don't let her get away with them. I force her to smile until I at least get one good photo.
I seriously need to find some friends to use as models! Anyway, here are the results of today's shoot:

 The dog decided to photo bomb and I couldn't get her out!
 I look bad but I thought the photo was cute anyway. The sun was too bright from this angle.

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1 Sweet little note(s)

  1. What a great photo shoot! You have some really nice pictures and your Mom will love the book. I stopped by from "Simple as That", and it seems we share similar interests, and I follow a lot of the same blogs you have listed on the sidebar! How fun! Cheers, Janel


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