Vacation Part 2

10:00 AM

So if you read part 1 of my vacation adventures, you'd see that we went to Mardi Gras. Well here's a few snippets of what we saw:
 I fell in LOVE with this little building. Those shutters, that railing, the planters! Ah.

It was a beautiful sunny day!
 This is not my first time in New Orleans but I did refall in love with everything about it. I'm loving all the balconies. 
 I love (yeah I've used that word a lot) all the random things that you see during Mardi Gras... like a suit of armor holding beads...
 Or three reindeer...
 Or two people wearing matching pink wigs...
 Or people jump roping in the street:
Or two little girls alone on a balcony... 
  (what I call stupid)
These pictures were all taken from a cab. It took us about an hour and a half to go what would be a normal 20 minute ride. Within 15 minutes we knew our cab drivers whole life story and he knew ours. Awkward. He was speaking spanish on the phone and little did he know, I understood most of what he said. Don't worry, it was about the traffic.

Anyway, I was sad to say goodbye to the city but the rest of my trip might have been even better... keep an eye out for Part 3!

If you missed it:
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