My "babies" and my babies

5:51 PM

My little babies were born just over a week ago but are getting ginormous already! Just look at them!
They love the camera! And being close to me for that matter. Getting a good photo is hard. Look at these uh great shots... I seriously couldn't help but laugh when I saw this.

 They're great photobombers.

I can't resist those little fuzzy butts. Look at their little tails! 

 Hannah is just the sweetest. 

Now that they're growing wings, they jump everywhere they go. 

 Mia is so laid back while the others (like Isla and Ruby above) couldn't be more hyper.

Their tails are seriously so cute. They're just little bits of fluff.

And introducing....
and Collins

There's Sadie (in the background) and Eva.


Gracie (background) and Ella

This picture cracks me up! Here's Eva.

And Nola again...

And just a quick shot of how they will not stay out of their feeder. One even fell asleep in it! 

I realized that I seriously didn't get a single good picture of Sadie or Gracie (black ones). Ella, Eva, Nola, and Collins are all very photogenic so far. 
Definitely loving my babies!

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