I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready

11:42 AM

Spongebob reference right there if anyone caught it. If not, I'd like to inform everyone that I'M READY.

The jars are washed. I bet within a week I'll need more, though.

 The small feeder's are washed.

 I had almost forgotten how annoying it was to put the lids on these.

Only three? Shoot we're gonna need some more.

These were and will be my partners in crime.

 The jars left a bit of a mark. whoops...

They soaked right through the towel. Don't tell mom.

These are the biggest pains in the world:

 Everything is packed and ready to go.

I cut myself and even chipped my freshly painted nails to get these cages set up! Notice how the middle cage doesn't have a metal pan to go in it. 

I cut up a box to solve the problem but it wasn't big enough... gasp.
 I solved that problem too with a little tape and more cardboard. I feel like a genius sometimes.
 I finally got them all set up complete with newspaper, feeders, heat lamps, and water.

Now all we need is chicks! So excited for tomorrow!

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