One week!

7:01 PM

In just one short week, I'll be getting a little something (or somethings!) in the mail. I get to go to the local feed store to pick them up. I'm SO excited but I have SO much to do. Any guesses on what it is?  Here's my checklist that HAS to be done before they get here:
1. Scrub 3-4 cages with bleach water
2. Soak and scrub 3-4 jars in bleach water
3. Soak and scrub 3-4 feeders in bleach water
4. Line 3-4 cages with clean newspaper
5. Assemble 3-4 heat lamps
6. Clean out my garage!

I'll give you a hint:

I guarantee in exactly one week by blog will be filled with tons of pictures of my adorable babies.
And yes, all 10 of the laying ones will have names.
Sorry to say that I can not tell 6 fat, white, eating chickens apart.
I still need two more names if any one has any suggestions!
The 8 we have so far are:
Yes, we did steal that last one from the Blind Side.
Our other ideas (My sister and I) are Ruby, Annie, and Isla. The fact that we've had about 30 other chickens all with names kind of limits the number of names we can use.
I'm still so excited!

On a much less happy note, the other day a family friend of our passed away from breast cancer. Prayers for her family including her children who are in their 20's would be appreciated. When I was little, I spent a lot of time at their house and she was an amazing woman.

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