The Serger Story

5:36 PM

*Insert bad word here* That's how I'm feeling about my "new" serger. You know how they say you get what you pay for. That may be what I'm experiencing. 
About a month ago I helped my aunt clean out her basement. Well she gave me a lot of her old stuff she didn't need anymore. Like a lot of cool fabrics, patterns, and stuff. Well that stuff just happened to include a serger. I squealed when I saw it. (It does need a name though. Any ideas?)

It's sat in my basement for that month since. Well the other day I pulled it out and took a look at it. I figured I'd try and thread it. I get to string number 3, step number 2nd to last. The directions say "thread it through the right needle." I looked at my serger. No needle. Look in the box. No needle. Find the "secret" compartment. There's a mysterious bag with a bunch of stuff. Lo and behold I find the needles. I flip through the booklet to how to insert the needle. It says "stick them in at the same time." I do this while still pinching them with one hand. I look at the next step. "Tighten the screws." I find the little screwdriver in the baggie and go to screw the screws. There's no screws. I look at the diagram for where they should be. Yep not there. I look in the baggie. Two ridiculously large screws serving absolutely no purpose. I look in my garage for screws. Find one that appears to be small enough. Nope, too big. I go to the hardware store and spend 17 cents on 2 of the smalles screws I can find. I drive home only to find out that nope, too big. I try to get them in anyway. One goes in and I screw. and screw. and screw. Just kidding it barely even did a half turn but anyway it wouldn't go in any fartehr.  I try to put the needles in. The screw won't go in far enough to hold the needle up. The head is too big to get the other screw in too. I try to unscrew the first screw. *insert another bad word here* Yeah it wouldn't budge.
See it right there. Grrr.
And I was going to make this dress from A Small Snippet for my mom. Hopefully for Mother's Day. Shhh. Just kidding she already knows. I misewell just get started on the sewing machine since I need to use elastic thread and then hopefully finish it off on the serger. Gosh.
Prayers for my serger would be greatly appreciated. I have no idea where the heck to find a smaller screw.... or get this one out for that matter.

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