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4:19 PM

Does anyone else have any trouble with the blogger app for iphone?  I did one with out a picture and it published. With just one it came up with a message saying "Data limit exceeded" or something around the lines of that. Oh well.

I've got a bit of a secret I've been keeping. Well that newspaper dress my friend and I made? Yeah it's in the top 8. We got to go to the Detroit Free Press office in Downtown Detroit for a photoshoot and a video interview. It was so great! This Sunday the article will be run in the newspaper for any Michiganders out there. If you don't get the Detroit Free Press, you can find the article and video online.

Well I need YOU guys to vote for us! So mark your calendars for Sunday and I'll be sharing the link then!

The picture was my friend Reagan and I waiting in the lobby. A random electrician came up and asked us all about our dress. He even asked what type of sewing machine I have. Awkward. Random guy in down town Detroit? Not going to give too much personal info.

We did a few drivebys and u-turns to see our competition but after some suspicious looks, we decided it was best to wait until the article comes out to see them. This stuff is just too exciting!

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