Fifteen (Happy Birthday Me!)

8:00 AM

Insert Taylor Swift "fifteen" song here. I've been on a country kick lately. I'm truely a country girl at heart if anyone doubted it. I spent the weekend getting knee deep in dirt and mud while cuddling with my little chickens. No joke. They don't believe in personal space.

Oh yeah did I mention today is my birthday? Yeah I'm fifteen today.
Friday night I had a kickin' rager with my friends.
Just kidding.
We had a bonfire complete with s'mores, hot dogs, and cheesepuffs. Living the country life here.
 We also had some legit decorations. I attempted to make Dana's Ruffled Streamers. It was a total fail. Here's proof that I CAN make them.
 Here's me and my best friend since birth. Did I mention her birthday is exactly 3 months before mine?

Two of my friends made me this cake! It was so cute and tasty. I also got a bunch of chocolate for my birthday. My friends seriously know me too well.

My sister and her friend made me this cake. It's the same exact one I've had since I was four.

Well let's see what exciting things fifteen brings.

Oh yeah and my dad fixed my serger. woot woot. Read my serger story to learn about the whole fiasco.

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