The Little Things

9:55 PM

It was the little things that got me through this week. I don't know why I didn't have an absolute break down yet.

Let's back up to last Thursday.
Big thing: I found out my dad got into another car accident. He just got a new Chrysler 300 about a month ago. And now it's wrecked. He was okay though thankfully. The car has been in the shop since then and it's still not out.
Little thing: Meeting the little girl I'm going to tutor and finding out she's an absolute charm

Big thing: Finding out we can't go up north an hour before we were supposed to leave since the car wasn't out of the shop yet.
Little thing: Having my friend sleep over and having a blast with her

Nothing bad at all! I got to go to the lake with another friend and my sister. They both got totally burnt and I didn't get any sun whatsoever! And we got to creep on some attractive boys.

I went to Jo Ann's and got an AMAZING deal on patterns. 5 for $5. what? They were simplicity patterns. And it only included the like $18 dollar ones. So I have 5 amazing patterns and one dress in the works.

Tuesday: Got about 2 hours of sleep. 2 cups of coffee later though, I was ready to go. I do admit to several naps throughout the day though. I went to work at the barn and got totally soaked from cleaning out water trophs. Some of it I did accidently, some of it the horses did.

Big thing: Didn't see my best friend at school, texted her (I'm a rule breaker) and found out she was in the ER for her appendix. Later that day I found out it burst and she ended up having emergency surgery to have it removed that night
Little thing: I got a 102 % on a math test and treated myself to some nice, freezer burnt ice cream. It was mint chocolate chip though!

I wasn't able to visit her and just felt really bad that she was in so much pain. But I found out that they let her out! I had to go to the dentist and did not have fun sitting there for 30 minutes past my appointment time for a 10 minute cleaning.

I hope it will be a good day.
It's my last day of school and my last day of uniforms!
Until next year...
Although I do have exams next week. Darn. I'm just going to wing them all. Good test taking strategy.

Sometimes the little things can out weigh the big things.
and sometimes they're not enough.
Next week should definitely be better!

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