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3:45 PM

We all have some sort of little nook where we create. I'm lucky enough to have an entire room for me and my sister to go wild. Well lately it's been a mess. Like I could barely walk in since there was bins and bags of fabric and boxes of who knows what all over. You could probably have featured us on hoarders. So I decided to change that.
Here's some stuff I pulled out. There was still a bunch more stuff. I threw out 4 trash bags full of random crap.

Here's a bit of a before picture. It was definitely worse than this though. This was after I cleaned off that book case in the back right corner and all the little cubies under the table and probably hauled out a bag or so of random trash.

Ew. I don't want to think about that now!
I have a beatiful craft room now after many hours of long, hard work!

Here's the other side. My sewing machine used to be where my serger is now but I moved it over to the other side. This side is still a bit untidy, though.

Here's my little serger and my purple phone. That was a great 25 cents I spent on the phone at a garage sale.

Ahh! It's so nice and clean! You can find out more about my little ribbon holder on the left here

I made little labels out of scrapbook paper and I find them so cute!

My dad hung up three little hooks over this nook for me and I hung an old curtain from them. It does a great job hiding all the crap in there. I didn't really touch it at all.
My mom helped me by so neatly folding all the fabric (sarcasm) and putting it on this bookcase. It's so much easier to see what (and just how much!) I have.

I took this old nasty drawer thingy and cleaned it up. We filled it up and now everything is organized.
Since we had a 60% off coupon for Jo Ann's we picked this rack up since it was only 9 dollars and I needed to find somewhere to put all of them on hand. I kind of color coated them...

Look at how clean this table is! I scrubbed it down. There was so much paint on it. Whew. Hard work pays off.

And a little peak behind the curtain...
No comment on that stuff.

On another note though, I'd appreciate prayers for my best friend, Kirsten. Her appendix burst today and she's currently in surgery to get it removed. To make matters worse though, we have exams next week and I don't know how she's going to do missing the last few days before exams!

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2 Sweet little note(s)

  1. Thanks for showing the pictures.

    Will be praying for your friend that things work out well for her.

    Kindest regards,
    Cindy Coleman aka

  2. Your long hour hard work is worth it, room looks very tidy..


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