Horse Silhouette Canvas

3:53 PM

A quick shout out to the recipient of the horse silhouette canvas... my dear friend Jillian! Happy Birthday! Hope it's a great one! Well anyway, she's such a sweet nice girl and a great friend so I felt she needed a great gift. She's a fellow horse lover so I figured she needed something that had to do with horses. Oh did I mention I got a job working at a barn? oh and a job working as a tutor? 
I'm 15 and already have 2 jobs. Oh dear. Anyway...

I started by printing out a horse silhouette I found online and finding a quote. I chose "Horses lend us the wings we lack." since she obviously likes horses. I laid it all out on my canvas, finally finding a way that I liked it. I used freezer paper and an exact-o knife to cut out my "stencil" I cut out some of the words but ended up getting bored and figured I'd do it later. 

I cut out the horse head and ended up with this as my mane. I figured I could just wing it later since this was a total mess.
 I painted my canvas using some pink paint. There wasn't very much and I somehow ended up with this cool looking tie-dye pattern.
 And then I painted my silhouette on there and attempted to fix the lines. I also painted a mane. Note to self: manes are harder to paint then they appear. So I decided the horse would be more of a show pony without a mane and I tried to paint over it but ended up with that mess of gray paint above the head. It looked WAY worse in person.
 After many coats of pink which turned gray, I finally decided that some white paint over top of it would be better. I ended up making a HUGE mess all over the canvas and my hands with the gray paint. How did that even happen?
 I painted over the white once it dried and I ended up with a much better pinkness.
 And after all this work, I decided that I didn't want the letters. It looked too good without them and I was way too lazy to cut them out, paint them, and then have to go through all the touch up mess again.

 I personally think it turned out really great! 
 I wrote her a really long message on the back so she'd always know that it was from me.
 I wrapped it in some beautiful birthday paper and re-wrote that same really long message.
Just kidding. One short sweet message and some christmas wrapping paper later, I had successfully finished a great birthday present. Good thing she liked it and is hanging it up in her room. And even better it matches the color scheme of her room. I hate guessing on stuff like this!

Oh and stay tuned everyone! I have a BUNCH of projects coming up! Let's just say we spent over $70 dollars at Jo Ann's the other day. That includes coupons and sales. I don't want to know what it would have been without that. *gasp*

I have three skirts, several bags, and a whole basement redo in the works.

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8 Sweet little note(s)

  1. Cute! I love silhouettes. Going to make some like this for my son.

  2. Beautiful. I love handmade gifts. Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a cool idea, very fun! Creating over at Tanya :)

  4. This is totally cool ... I love simple graphic art like this!! Thanks SO much for sharing it at this week's {what's shakin' link party}!!

  5. That really turned out so pretty, Margarget! We are featuring this today!

    Thanks for sharing, girl!


  6. This is so neat! I love horses... and this would be fun to do with my horses head. I woul love to have you come over to my blog and link up to our link party... Sunday Round Up. 2 blogs = 1 party
    New Follower

  7. How did you paint on the silhouette using the freezer paper?

    1. Sorry I didn't clarify that! I just traced around my silhouette that I had cut out of freezer paper and then I filled it in with the paint.


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