Apron Attempt

9:30 PM

Yes, I already had a post called apron attempt. But this is another attempt at one.
You can find my other attempt here. Anyway, I spent last night searching Target for the perfect gift for my friend. My birthday was two days ago and she baked me a cake and gave me some awesome make-up and stuff. I obviously had to try and at least match it.

I instantly got the idea of an apron since my friend loves to bake. I ran next store to Jo Ann's and picked up some fabric and a $3 pattern. Please take a moment to admire my cat socks. Yes, I wore those to school... with a skirt. Don't worry it's a uniform not a fashion statement. The socks are pure rebellion and the expression of my yearning for a cat. 

I had to throw a picture of the dog in here. She loves to lay in the sun. She's the cat I'll never have. 

 Anyway, I spent $10 on the pattern and the fabric. A bit much for my budget but I guess we have to splurge on those we love. 
 I chose to do the the green/blue one on the left. I cut my pieces out and pinned them.
 When I got past the pockets to the bottom green piece, I had no idea what the pattern was telling me to do and just some how figured something out. And if you look on the pattern, there's a blue piece around the collar. I decided that looked bad and just hemmed the edges of the apron instead.

 Got to throw an awkward picture in there. 

 I left way too big of a seam allowance on one pocket so I had to do the same on the other so it wouldn't just off. Yeah it still looks bad.
  I had no idea what they were talking about for the sides either. I made something up with the pattern pieces that were supposed to go there.
  I got lazy and didn't finish the neck straps and just attached them, not finished. They still work.

 The back of the bottom piece was a total mess. I kept missing a layer and had to sew back and forth about 3 times.
I gave it to my friend today and she loved it.

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