I Need Help with Bedroom Storage and Organization!

11:02 AM

I have a very large room. But I share it with my sister. We have one closet and that's where we keep everything. It is NOT working! You can see much better and cleaner pictures of my room here.

Okay and please ignore the iPhone pictures below... I was too lazy to use my camera!
 We're never home to even pick up our clothes if we even had a place to put them!

Even this corner is getting packed in with junk! This is the only real storage solution that we have. My dad built these built ins about 10 years or so ago. We also have shelves running along the top of our room to hold stuffed animals but those are so high that we have to stand on our beds to reach them! And we don't even really have that many stuffed animals anymore.

This is our closet. It's the only place that we have for our clothes! And as you an see, it mostly just holds trinkets. A good portion of the hanging clothes aren't even accessible because they're either too high or jammed so tightly in there!

This is my corner of it. And believe me, there's a whole LOT of clothes jammed in the back there!
Do you have any ideas on how to reorganize or rearrange anything? I'm so totally lost and have no idea where to start! I think a new closest organizing system would be the best idea. It's such a big closest but the shelves take up so much space and they only hold junk!

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