Customized Play Mat using Spoonflower

9:30 AM

        Over at Modern Parents Messy Kids, I found a great idea for making a personalized baby play mat from Spoonflower. Did I mention she included a whole detailed tutorial, too? Well she does! She gives step by step instructions that take you through creating your own fabric and then making your play mat.

Didn't hers turn out great?
       Well, I really wanted to attempt this. I just couldn't think of any already born babies. Well, actually I know one, but he's already two months old and I can't tell you how jealous his older sisters would be. So I just scratched that idea. Then I remembered that one of my numerous cousins is currently pregnant with a baby girl. Did I mention I have about 45 or so cousins and around 7 second cousins? Well I do. Too many to count! 
       Anyway, I don't know when she's due, but I figured I'd just make the circle part of the fabric on Picnik.
       Here's my girl-y attempt at her creation: 
Just need to wait a few months until the baby is born, find out the information, send it into spoonflower, wait for my fabric, and then sew, sew, sew a lovely little play mat. 

 Fawnda from Fireflies and Jellybeans also made a lovely girly version. 
I can't wait until this baby is born so I can get started :) 
The only downside is that this fabric is kind of expensive. Oh, well! As long as none of my other cousins hope for something similar, I'll be fine! 


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