Shirt Dress Reveal

11:25 AM

Okay, so this post is kind of late. Three weeks ago I gave the Shirt Dresses I made to the little girls I'm staying with. One week ago I took pictures of them. Last night we finally got the pictures onto the computer. Phew. Took us long enough! And here they are:

As you see, they proceeded to let their princesses go for a swim. They then followed them into the pool. Half soaked, they finally stripped their dressed off and went for a swim which is where I stopped taking pictures.

Just a tip, remember that shoulders are often wider than hips. That mean you'll either need to make the waist band bigger and add elastic or have them step into the dress. Thankfully the dresses fit with a little tugging over the younger ones diaper.

You can find a tutorial for this dress at MADE.
Now if you even just KNOW a little girl, make them a dress! They're SO simple especially with the above tutorial. It even gets easier the more you make.
I'm going to finish up before my laptop dies.

Happy dressmaking :)

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11 Sweet little note(s)

  1. Really cute! Good job! I especially like the stripped one. I have a pink dress shirt that my hubby is getting rid of...I'm toying with a dress for my daughter or maybe a skirt for me - I saw this

  2. These are too cute. And your models are pretty adorable as well, lol.

  3. Very cute! Stopping by from the Serenity Now party! I would love for you to come link this up to my Favorite Things Party going on all week =D

  4. Too cute! I love what you've done with those shirts. I might steal more of my husbands shirts to try this! Would you consider sharing this at my blog party Simply Creative over at 365 days to Simplicity? I'd be so happy if you did! Thanks!

  5. I make these every Father's Day! Yours turned out really well. Stop by.

  6. They turned out so cute! And the girls are adorable!!

  7. So cute! I have plenty of nieces who would be adorable in these. I'm just starting to sew but thnk I will give these a try. And what's the worse that could happen - I mess up an old shirt? :)

  8. cute! i love that tutorial, i can't wait to finally start on it!

  9. Thank you for joining me at my blog party Simply Creative! Stop by this Thursday and we'll party again!!


  10. the dress are so cute but not as cute as your models! ^^)

    thanks for sharing. have a fab weekend!

  11. Very cool! I am you newest GFC follower. Stop by and get the Sundae Scoop.

    Patricia aka Mamaw


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