Pet Photography Tips

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        We all strive for perfect pictures. It's true. Children really are easier to photograph than animals. Children know human commands and if they don't listen to them they usually at least understand them.
       Animals are different. Dogs can understand simple commands like sit, stay, and lay down... but most animals aren't dogs.

The number one tip is giving up control. The animals or pets aren't going to do what you want them to do. They're going to play, run, and do what they please so just accept it right now and things will be a lot more stress free.

Let your pet do what they please and just shoot away. You may end up with pictures like this one where the subject is blurred. Here I actually caught her leaping out of the carriage. 

Or you may get pictures like this.

Just remain calm and your pet will too! They can sense if you're stressed or aggravated. If you're calm and welcoming, they'll come to you on their own.
I was kind of scared to actually be sitting on the ground inches away from these ravenous beasts with my little baby (my camera) in hand but when I calmed down, they came to me and I got some great pictures like the one above of my chicken, Isla. 

Another thing is clever props. Give your pet something to play with or let them hop into something.
I threw my puppy, Rory, into this antique baby carriage and she was all smiles and I was able to capture this great photo which we're going to get developed and frame. 

I gave her (she stole) an old birthday hat and let her go to town tearing it up. I find this picture hilarious since it captures that look, her sideways way of sitting, and a majority of her toys laying around the room behind her. 

Capture the moment! Don't worry about lighting or posing or anything. If your pet is doing something cute, capture it! My older dog, Max, loves to lay in the laundry baskets. She doesn't mind if they're clean or dirty. Anyway, I caught her doing this in the laundry room and snapped a picture of it. Its dark and she looks scared but it's something I can look at and remember.
  Not all pictures have to be perfect!

Now go get some pictures you'll cherish forever!

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  1. you have very cute pets and you have shared really great tips. I am pinning this, by the way. thanks for sharing. I can't wait to see what you'll share this week! Have a fun weekend!



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