A Quick Hello

9:25 AM

My life is currently incredibly busy. I spent 9 days in Nashville, Tennessee complete with two 9 hour roadtrips. One with my mom and sister; the other with a family friend and an incredibly well behaved 5 year old and dog.  Now I'm home, safe and sound.

Our journey started out at 4:30 am. By around 8 the coffee was cold and our bellies were rumbling. Turns out finding a Starbucks in Ohio is like finding a needle in a haystack.

It was a beautiful drive, though! We passed the Kentucky River.
 Yes, my friends, this is an iphone picture. What?

There were also some odd sightings like this one.

Reaching Tennessee was a very great moment, indeed. I urge everyone to not use Trip Tic from AAA. It said our drive to Nashville was only 8 hours. Nope. It's a solid 9 or 10. Where there was supposed to be an exit 208, there was not one. Thank God for iphones. 
My mom also continued on to Florida with my sister. It's not a six hour drive as Trip Tic told them. It was a nine hour drive. 

Nashville is seriously a beautiful city! 

When we got there we got to see some sweet little cousins.

I got to take some pictures of baby Kelley. She turned 9 months old! Her mom had gotten some of those great little sticker things off of Etsy that show her age.  Please enjoy the only non- iphone pictures in this whole post.

It was a consistent  105 degrees there. I'm SO happy to be back in the 90's.

I feel like everything has grown and I've been gone for so long! My little puppy, Rory, (You can find pictures of her cuteness here) has officially learned to sit and she's growing bigger!

Things have been just so busy! Good thing I fly out tomorrow for New Orleans! It'll be a bit more calm around my blog since I don't have a whole lot planned for this upcoming week.
Enjoy the Fourth of July, folks!

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