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9:20 AM

My mom absolutely hates our house. I think the outside is absolutely gorgeous. The inside.... we're working on it. But seriously, this was the best place to grow up. See for yourself:

 There was always a flag waving in the wind wether it was faded or fresh.

There were always vines growing on the trellace on the back of our garage. Sometimes they even grew into it.

There's always a chicken or two (more like 10) scratching for food under the shade of an old oak tree.
There's always places to explore or be alone like my place house for example.

 There's bees buzzing around in their little hive.

There were birds in the various birdhouses like this one until the bottem fell out.      

There were always dinners on the back patio

There were little plants sprouting out of an old barrel.

There were s'mores to be roasted and fires to be enjoyed either up on the patio or down in the real fire pit.

There were raspberries growing in our makeshift planter and birds fluttering in the leaky birdbath.

There were little paths to be walked on.

 and little plants to be seen sprouting.

 There were walls to be walked on

Next to where the herbs grew right next to the weeds.

There was lemonade to be sipped on the porch

and wild beasts to nibble on grass

There were trees that stopped growing long before they should have.

There were breakfasts and lunches right on the porch.

The bushes were always neatly trimmed. (just kidding I have no idea how they happened to be this nice)

There was a swing set for swinging so high we practically uprooted it.

There were little trees growing next to big ones.

This isn't even close to the whole yard. What more could a child want?

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2 Sweet little note(s)

  1. I love this post for at least a million reasons!

  2. Oh that looks like a fabulous place to grow up!


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