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11:23 PM

Okay... will someone please tell me that there is an easier way to get some instagram pictures on here rather than emailing them to myself off of my phone, saving them on my computer, and then uploading them on here? UGH. It's a pain. Anyway,
I'd like to share my week (maybe 2?) in instagrams. Practically all of my pictures are of my dogs. It's a bit sad. I rarely get out of the house now because of summer... I can't wait until I have my license!

Oh gosh just go ahead and enjoy the cute ness!

Little Rory is just getting so big! And might I mention that my dogs are so talented they can walk each other?

She still loves her naps! We have to take her for walks every day just to calm her down. This was after a 2 mile one. She can actually do up to 4 miles... I let my mom take her on those ones.

Here's a bit of an oldie. My dad mentioned he used to put our old dog, Sniper, into his jacket when she was a puppy... I tried it out too!

And hey, life is just one big party! Here's one of my numerous cousins and Rory and of course her little dino. She won't go out and go pee by herself yet. She needs either me or her dino to go with her. True story. She can pee and hold her stuffed animals in her mouth at the same time. Hilarious stuff right there.

Here's a bit of a blurry one since it's dark. Yes that is me... and the dog... on the floor. Sometimes you just party too hard.

We took her to the vet and this dog seriously loves to scream. They gave her one shot and she cried bloody murder. She hits her paw on a chair... and screams. But she's also really good at fetch!
She's quite the little princess around here.

 Anyway, I'm trying to get some projects done... we'll see how they go! My sewing machine has been spazzing out lately and I'm losing patience quickly.
I do also apologize for my absence! I've been busy doing nothing.

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2 Sweet little note(s)

  1. Fun pictures! I have an app on my phone for photobucket. I can upload my photos to photobucket from my phone. I look at them on and embed them straight from there using their HTML code. Make sense? It takes a LOT less time!

  2. I am a new follower i love your blog. i also love to sew crachet and craft i whould love to have youe follow my blog


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