I'll Stick to Knock-Offs, Thank You Very Much!

2:14 PM

So yesterday, while browsing around the mall with a good friend of mine, I heard a single word spoken (well more like a short phrase...). Some young women (probably around 20-25?) were walking in front of us. I heard one of them say "Hey, there's Anthropologie." and my mental alarm went off. I never knew there was one in the mall, but I realized that a dress I'd been admiring was one that was hanging in their window. Who would have known? I steered my friend into there, knowing how most bloggers love it, or more the knock-offs they can make...
I turned over the price tag on a cute necklace I saw, and instantly dragged my friend right out of there. I think I'll just stick to admiring online...
Well, now I know that one exists only 30 minutes from my door step! That would be so convenient for inspiration if only people didn't make those handy tutorials for knock offs! So I'll just take the time right now to share with my numerous followers one name in the knock-off game, Flamingo Toes. Seriously, check her out!
Maybe sometime I'll actually get around to trying my hand at making some of her stuff... or not. I'm just to lazy to drag my butt over to Michael's to grab some beads and chains!

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