Ballard Inspired Paper Dress

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I was searching through blogs on my snowday, trying to find something to do with my time. I found a post at Krafty Kat about a newspaper dress print in their Ballard Design's catalog that they recreated. Well, I decided to recreate their recreation. Okay so this is a horrible picture of mine....

           Krafty Kat's                                                                         Mine

Mine looks a whole lot better in person just let me tell you that much! So here's MY instructions and tips for making one of these cute little paper dresses:

  • Newspaper (Make sure there's a section with just straight up words)
  • Old book or anything with yellowed pages
  • Scissors
  • Spray Adhesive 
  • Frame or stand
  • Surface to apply dress to (Paper, canvas, etc.) 
  • Dark marker (not pictured)

  1. Cut out the pieces. I have no template, so you'll just have to freehand. You'll need: Two sleeves out of a bodice, and four pleats (only three pictured),  out of the old book. Out of the newspaper: a skirt, an O (not pictured), two triangles for the collar, and a dark strip for a belt. You'll also need a strip to go down the middle of the bodice. I  made mine out of the old book, but Krafty Kat made hers out of something dark. 
  2. Glue it! I started at my skirt and placed the four pleats on it. I then moved up the the bodice, first placing the strip down the middle and then the collar. I attached the belt just to the bodice, leaving a lip on the bottom, and the O to the center of the belt. Then I drew on the buttons at this point. I attached the skirt to the belt and bodice. I glued the dress to my paper which was just the insert from the frame I used. I lastly glued the sleeves to the paper, right up close to the dress.  TIP: If you're using spray glue, enough is too much! Paper is so delicate that it soaks up the glue and you end up with a big oil stain. Hold the bottle FAR away or you'll end up with this: 

I had to start over because I sprayed too much. Be careful!

3. Lastly, find a clever way to display your beautiful little dress!

Here's my dress! Ignore the mess and the glue on the frame from the price tag..
Here's Krafty Kat's gorgeous table!
Here's the picture she found from the catalog

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  1. Oh, wow! That turned out so cute! Glad I helped you find something fun to do on your snow day! Thanks for the shout out! I'm now following!


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