Decoupage Jar

7:47 PM

Thinking of my best friend's birthday coming up, I realized I needed a gift for her. I really slacked for her Christmas present so I knew I needed to make it up. Introducing part A of her gift!

I took an old jar and decoupaged it with some pieces of tissue paper. Cute huh? Okay just ignore the crappy picture... It's much cuter in person!
 I figured something like this could be used as a candle holder maybe? You guys could even adapt it in holiday colors like Valentine's Day which happens to be coming up in several days... 

I chose to fill the jar with little friendship quotes: 
Of course I have to have a photo session with my lovely jar... I actually only took like 15 photos, though. Some are bound to turn out. Right? 

Here's the inside of the jar:
It actually looks kind of cool! Maybe if you're NOT using the jar for a candle holder, it would be cool to take on the challenge of decoupaging the inside of it... 

For my decoupage glue, I just took a half empty (or half full!) bottle of Elmer's school glue and filled it up the rest of the way with water, shook it up, and wallah! Careful it comes out FAST! I applied around 5 coats of it and I wish I would have stopped at four. It looked much cooler then, but oh well! 


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