No Sew Ruffle Fabric Flowers

9:10 PM

Yes! Every hot glue gun lover's dream! No sew flowers! For your headbands, belts, shoes, hair clips, etc.
Here's a tutorial for you! This time I've actually included pictures! I LOVE taking pictures... but taking ones of me actually doing something is quite awkward let me tell you!
Here's one I made, not too proud of it though:


  • Glue gun
  • Circular Object (Yes I did use a shot glass...)
  • Scissors
  • Felt (You'll only need one small circle per flower)
  • Assorted Fabrics
  • Marking Tool (I just used a white crayon)
  • Optional: Something to attach it to like a clip, headband, pair of shoes, etc. (I used the pearl strand above... yes fake of course!)
  1. Trace around your circle. Anything from a bottle to a toilet paper roll with do. You'll need around 10 depending on how big your circles are and how thick the material is. Your circles don't need to be perfect, but rounder edges look better. You'll also need a circle out of the felt of around the same side, it doesn't have to be perfect either.
2. Cut out all your circles, trying to leave as little of a mark as possible. I mean get as close to the line you drew so you don't have odd colors in your flower (unless you want that of course!)

3. Add  drop of hot glue in the middle of the circle and scrunch up the sides around it.

4. Add another drop at the bottom of your petal and attach it to the felt circle and continue the process until you have a nice full flower. 

Here's the necklace I made, but I plan on changing the pearl cord... I'm thinking some ribbon. If only I'd inherited ribbon from my grandma instead of boxes of rickrack and thread! Oh well... you get what you get! 

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2 Sweet little note(s)

  1. Thanks for stopping by. Your necklace is very cute....I think I need a long one too.


  2. Oh great idea! I like this flower.


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