Cute flower bracelet!

7:56 PM

This is for all you crocheters out there! No, you don't have to be hardcore or anything!
Confession time!
1. I used to be a beast crocheter...
2. I can only crochet a single chain

So this means that you only need to be able to do some basic chain to make this cute bracelet!
Okay so this picture isn't the best, but I love my bracelet!
My only fault about it is the fact that the flower is a little jiggly, but I assume thicker yarn would solve that problem. I used a really thin one that probably wasn't the best idea!

I found a tutorial for this at You Seriously Made That? 
Note: This does not teach you how to crochet or make a flower so you're going to need to go somewhere else if you don't know how.  

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