Vintage Hand-me-downs

3:55 PM

I have quite a few plans for 'upcycling' some old clothes from my mom. I'm not doing anything major, but I do intend to make some changes to them... eventually! Here's a few photos of some pieces I hope to shorten and change. The after photos are just what I'd like to do, held in place by my hand but nothing permanent!

Here's an old skirt that might actually be from some old aunt of mine passed down to my mom then to me....
 Sorry about the bad quality... my camera was protesting. And plus the skirt is quite static-y so it clings to my legs...
 Here's a close up of the fabric... not the best photo...

Hideous dress from my mom...

Ignore the awkward position, I didn't have any pins on hand.
I'd rather wear this with a thick belt and maybe my hair brushed... but I couldn't find the belt I wanted. Oh well.
Close up of the material. It's okay, but not my favorite.

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