Knotted Headband

9:51 PM

I was browsing though some blogs and I came upon a post at You Seriously Made That!?
It was a tutorial for her Knotted Headband that she made. I fell in love!
I was very disappointed with the yarn selection I had available, so I was stuck with a plain creamy color. Blah. The only ribbon I could find was a dark maroon which looks nice with the cream, but barely shows up in my hair!

I ended up using a piece of elastic on the bottom between the pieces of ribbon because I hate headbands that are too loose! I'm pretty sure she just tied her pieces of ribbon around her head but I don't know for sure.
 I ended up finding my mom's secret stash of yarn when I was all done and am planning on making another one of these! 
If you can crochet a single chain, this will be a snap for you... if not, you might have some trouble!

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