Family Definition Tile

12:23 PM

Well I LOVE coppying crafts from other people, so I just HAD to try this family definition tile! As soon as I read the text, I thought of my mom right away. You can find the printout and directions at Keeping Inspirations and Creations
Here's some pictures of my tile:

And just a few tips so yours doesn't end  up with some weird splotches like mine did..
1. Make sure your glue is nice and even before you let it dry
2. Let your tile dry laying flat unlike mine which I propped up infront of the fan to let it dry. I ended up with some dried on drips.
3. Don't try to scratch off any dry drips (see 'noun' on the tile). You'll ruin it!
4. Remember to size down your printout. I made mine 60% of the original.
5. If something gets cut off, remember YOU CAN FIX IT! Well I can't... but I had my dad do it for me. A piece of the "a" in "goals" was removed by me placing books on the tile... whoopsie! but I just asked him to re-draw it in with a pen and it looks just a little smudged, but fine! Also the swirly design at the bottom got half cut off when I printed it out and he just filled that in for me too. No, I cannot draw, paint, sketch, etc. Me + writing utencils = FAIL.

I ended up giving the tile to my mom as a 'just because' gift. She loved it and put it on top of the china cabinet where no one can see the mistakes! I'm planning on doing one with a quote for some friends' birthdays that are coming up way to soon...

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