Rosette Necklace

12:24 PM

On Saturday (wow it takes me FOREVER to post things...) I was going through my grandma's button basket.

Here's some of the interesting buttons I found: *squeal*

Not only were there buttons... but zillions of beads! I could only pick out a few... but I assure you that they are down there. Nice and dusty and chipped, but down there.

I dipped the beads in a little bleach with water solution not sure how they'd react and then wiped them off. The paint started to chip so I just scratched it off with a pin. Thankfully it came off in chunks!
The clear bead is one with the paint already scratched off.

I strung about 5 inches of the nice n' clean beads and wallah:

Well that's an awkward picture....

I created three rosettes out of some fabric I found. They don't look too spiffy in that picture...

I braided a cord and some how attached it by braiding the bead's cord into it.... and of course it won't let me import the picture of the cord. Thanks Blogger. Love you too.
 Ta da! It looks a lot better on me than on my dirty floor. I would model it in my lovely pajamas... but. yeah.


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2 Sweet little note(s)

  1. lovely!! Nice job! I am your newest follower!

  2. Awesome finds! I love the necklace you made :)


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