Rosette Earings

12:54 PM

         I've seen these on quite a few CUTE blogs. I forget which ones or else I'd have about a million links right here:
        Too bad I don't. I found some earing backs and blank posts in a package in my grandma's sewing basket. I swear that thing is a jackpot...
        I created some EXTREMELY tiny rosettes. My hot glue gun wasn't so hot.... The fabric wouldn't stick to it, so I did a finger test. I stuck my finger into fresh "hot" glue. It barely burned. I had to wait for a while before it was truly "hot." I don't know how anyone makes such tiny rosettes! Fat fingers (like mine!) aren't the best for this craft. Well after I created a few, I threw out the bad ones, I chose two that were semi-okay and attached them to the earing posts. It's actually a lot simpler than it sounds. TRUST ME. The price tag on the earings were 79 cents. I have a feeling those were purchased several decades ago and the prices have probably escalated since then.

 Eww my ears look gross!
Anyway... I'm super sorry about not being a rapid poster like some other bloggers out there! I'm still trying to figure out what to do when I'm on vacation. Guest posters maybe? Please leave me a comment if you're interested.

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2 Sweet little note(s)

  1. Beautiful! I love how dainty and feminine these turned out. I can't wait to make up a pair for me for Easter. Thank you! (And your ears look great--no worries.)


  2. Tiny rosettes, how can you go wrong?! I love them! Thanks so much for linking this up! xx


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