Flower Week- Day 1-YoYo's

2:00 PM

Simple. Basic. Classic. The YoYo. You can find them on plenty of vintage quilts but finding a tutorial on how to make them is tough. When I first wanted to make these, I had to search. and search. and search some more!

Don't you just love them? I know I do! And now for some good tutorials!

Heather Bailey (Scroll down and click 'Enter Gallery' to begin tutorial.) 

All these tutorials are guaranteed  by me to be clear. No dark pictures or skipped steps.
A few months ago, I found a rag in our rag bin. Well, I guess that would make sense... Anyway, I pulled it out and realized it was the perfect size for a yoyo. I had so much trouble finding a clear tutorial or well, even a tutorial at all. I finally found one and made myself a yoyo. I added a covered button and wallah:
Awkward picture, huh? 

Anyway, I decided I needed to repeat this in honor of flower week. I should be testing out these tutorials, right? Well, I really only used my brain for this one, but I pulled the information from reading the tutorials on prior occasions. Wow, I'm confusing myself. 
Well, anyway, I found an old shirt in my fabric stash, cut out the cuff,  slit in open, and traced a circle onto it. Was it perfect? HA. Nope. It was pretty small, but I wasn't actually looking to spend a bunch of time making it. 

I sewed myself a lovely circle and then... I pulled it tight. And, I realized I forgot to tie a knot. After I made an uh, lovely knot, I re sewed my entire yoyo. 

This time, it actually really did turn out! 

I sewed on a button and called it a day. 
It's cute in a lopsided, funny looking, oddly shaped way. It's unique. 

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