Flower Week- Day 6- Origami Fabric Flowers

8:00 AM

I'm deciding to end flower week a day early. *Tear* I really have no particular reason but I'm leaving this afternoon to go to Indiana for the weekend.
For the last day of flower week, I wanted to do something a little unique. We've seen YoYo'sRolled Roses, Pinwheel FlowersDahlias, and Box Fold Flowers. All of those are pretty common. Time to spice things up! And now presenting...
Origami Flowers. No delicate creasing involved. I couldn't find one specific name for these beauties. They look like origami to me.

Factory Direct Craft (This one really does have a tiny bit of folding involved!) 

I attempted these a while ago but can't find any pictures or the actual thing. Oh well. 
Happy Crafting :)

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3 Sweet little note(s)

  1. they are all so cute! I like the ones with grey and the cute fabric buttons in the middle. so fun!

  2. I love it all! I can imagine now how I'm gonna do this now. =)


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