Flower Week- Day 5- Box Fold Flowers

8:00 AM

Let me tell you that these flowers can either be fabulous or a total flop. I've successfully made one of each! I made one and got TONS of compliments on it. I made another and it is stuffed in the bottom of my bathroom drawer somewhere so far un-worn. Want to see some tutorials to make these little beauties? Well, you don't get a say here.

And now for the reveal of my attempts!
This one I think looks great besides the little black fuzzies from the button.

This one has hot glue peeking out from beneath the layers in a thick, ugly manner.
I think I'm going to attempt these with felt and flower shapes instead of circles. 

Yesterday I got some fabric and elastic from Jo Ann's and I plan to make a simple skirt. I'll hopefully be blogging about that on Monday or Tuesday.

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