Flower Week-Day 4- Felt Dahlias

8:00 AM

Last night, as I was rolling in at 8:30 after cheer practice, I realized I hadn't written up a post for today. Then I realized I'm going to be gone all day today. Well, here are some late night scramblings I put together just for you guys.
I've only tried my hand at these once. I loved the turnout... sort of. I didn't quite follow the directions exactly.... hehehe. Anyway, here are some lovely dahlia tutorials!

Helpful notes on this tutorial can be found here

I find these flowers just stunning! Here's my take on it:
I'm NOT a fan of the hot glue. Peeking out from each petal was a nice big glob of it.  I think I may have to try this again using liquid glue and clothespins to hold them while they dry. I gave this one to my godmother/aunt for Mother's day. It's the thought that counts, right? 

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