Project Thrive

6:48 PM

        Yes, here is the promised post! I know I've been bad and haven't shared too much of my crafting feats lately. There's not much to write about, so don't feel like you're missing anything. I somehow stumbled upon this. Don't know how, don't remember where. I clicked some link and Project Thrive popped up.  Well click the link then go to the 'Days for Girls' tab.
        Anyway, you all know those "unmentionables" that for all those food and toiletries drives nobody really brings much of? Well Project Thrive Days for Girls is all about MAKING those for girls in Africa. Go check out their website. RIGHT NOW. All you sewers, new and old, it's perfect for you! I've looked at video instructions and even read some too. I just need material. I would already have made about a billion if I had the money to buy fabric. Oh well. I'll share it with you guys in hopes that someone else is willing to make some.

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