So proud!

7:13 PM

       No, I don't have anything crafty to share with my uh numerous readers today, but I'll write a little something so you guys don't feel abandoned. I had my first track meet of the season today. Can anyone say cold? I somehow managed to get both sunburned and all chapped from the wind. It wasn't helpful that the blanket I was bundled up in was all scratchy!
      Well, in terms of personal achievements, I did REALLY well. For the 100 meter race I beat my previous year's record by almost 2 seconds! And yes I do believe my coach was under the influence of something. My family is artistic not athletic. She made me compete in everything for points. For the 200 meter race, I was SO proud of myself because.... I actually beat someone! They call us shot-put throwers "Slower Throwers" for a reason! I threw my best I'd thrown all season which happened to only be 23. something feet... but hey I haven't thrown in 8 months and had to wear a wrist brace for 6 of the 8. I did the best out of the girls on my team so I can't complain. My varsity spot is secure for something.
       I'm super proud of myself! Maybe when I'm not so busy I'll actually post about some crafts! I have a little something up my sleeve that I'm waiting to share.... well, I really just thought about posting it 3 seconds ago, but I'll wait until tomorrow. Okay so now I'll just quit rambling and get back to my homework. Remember that stuff?

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2 Sweet little note(s)

  1. Good work! :D I'm soo not sporty in any way, shape or form ;) Enjoy that homework of yours...

  2. Congratulations on your meet. Happy homeworking.



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