St. Patrick's Day Pennent

5:46 PM

Oh boy! Another Saint Patrick's Day craft! I know I can't wait to be pinched for not wearing green.... or not.
Anyway, for a while (okay, maybe less than a week or so), I've been wanting to make some sort of garland or pennent for my little Saint Patrick's Day display which is gradually getting more festive.

Not the best picture because my camera is currently being held together by ductape. My poor baby!

 For these, I simply cut out some triangles, stuck some glittery clover stickers on, folded the top edge over, added a bit of tape, and secured it around some green twine. Easy peasy! I love them!

I tried to get all artsy, but again ductape isn't that easy to work with...

That glitter refused to be photographed!

Here's my whole woodburning stove festive area. It's coming along!
You can find my post for the pot of gold shown above here

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2 Sweet little note(s)

  1. Love it, my husband is Mexican Irish and Loves St Patricks Day, we will be making 3 crockpots of corned beef and cabbage.

  2. Your Saint Patrick's day display is lovely. I like the glittery clover stickers you attached to those little flags. They simply pop out against your wood burning stove. Thanks for sharing!


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