Upcycled Tank Top

6:18 PM

So it wasn't REALLY upcycled, but it was more reused, fixed up, and beautified. I took an old tank top that fit me still, but the straps were all ratty and falling apart.

Sorry it's flipped... my computer will re rotate it back every time I try to! UGH.

Here's a close up on the ripping part.
I took this shirt:
Which I've been using to make these:

I sold them for spirit week at school. See the headband part? I covered those in the fabric.

Anyway, I decided to make a few ruffles to sew on to the tank top to cover up the rip. Every time I'd try to rip the fabric, which had ripped EVERY other time I'd tried to do it, it would rip off small chunks instead of strips. Well I sewed a line down the middle of the chunks, pulled one of the strings and instead of ruffles, I made flowers!

Here's the tank completed:

Like my model? I suck at taking pictures of myself and a human model was not available (well actually willing...) to let me dress them up and take photos! Darn.

I don't really like the positioning of the flowers when it's on, but I still think it's cute!

I will now proceed to cry until Summer comes when I can actually wear this outside the house without FREEZING!

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  1. cute cute idea! Might have to try this myself, thanks so much for sharing :)


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