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5:48 PM

Today was a sort of a tipsy day. Both good and bad. There wasn't one thing that ruined the whole day, but there wasn't something that brightened it either. Except for when some kid fell out of their chair and landed on their face.... but hey! That's mean!
Here's a lovely web cam photo (*cough* NOT) of a recent flower. It's been too long. I need to drag out my glue gun and get to work. Maybe over the weekend.
Well here's a bit of bad news I'll share. So unless you guys raise chickens like me, you're probably not going to understand this... or maybe you might. You never know! But today one of my girl's was murdered. Can anyone say BRUTALLY? Let's just say it took her head and left her body. Well then Mr. Possum couldn't escape so he got to have a little sleepover in the coop. Thankfully he only took one out of the four in my small coop. Well, as my sister named him, "Bill Mofo" is now dead. I started yelling uh... mean words at him and he looked guilty. He had to suffer the death penalty. Since the ground is so frozen, we couldn't bury her so she had to just be tossed it the woods. So R.I.P. Arianna Janelle. Yes, my chickens DO have middle names!

Anyway, on a MUCH more positive note, I won a giveaway over at U-Create. Go check her out pronto! Cutest stuff EVER is over there. Ahh I'm so excited to start shopping at Briar Claire. They've got extremely cute and reasonably priced hair accessories.

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