Fabric Flowers!

9:00 AM

Well, I found a sort of an abstract flower tutorial at Hey Jen Renee. It's not really abstract, but every single flower is different and they look flowerish but not over powering flowery. It's hard to explain... Anyway, I made one from her tutorial! I completely freehanded my petals... I actually didn't even draw them out. I just started cutting and they turned out good enough for me.
I haven't attached it to anything yet so I had to hold it in my hair for pictures!

Ignore the awkward pose in this one! I only had a sports bra under a see through white shirt ( uh oh!) and no make up AND my hair was a complete MESS! So I wasn't at my finest... but I love the flower! I do like her flowers a little better, but hey, practice makes perfect!

I also tried my hand at making those fabric yo yo's I've been eyeing for forever! I loosely pinned it onto the same shirt and I love it! The fabric was some old pajama bottoms that were turned into rags that I saved to make into a flower! Goodness I'm awesome at taking extremely awkward pictures aren't I?
And last but not least of yesterday's creations... a rolled rose for a little girl who's birthday is coming up! Her favorite color is purple but all my purple material wouldn't work for the type of flower I wanted to make, so I settled for a purpley-pink. Ignore the huge glue glob on there. It's now GONE.

And sorry about all the bad pictures! iphoto won't open on my mac anymore so I have to import all my pictures from my camera onto another computer which I HATE to edit them on. So that means you guys get to deal with lovely photo booth pictures when I'm too lazy to switch to another computer! YAY.

I will now proceed to search my closet for plain tops that need some "help." My sister's closet better watch out! IT'S NEXT!

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  1. These look great! I've made a few different kinds of rosettes and can't wait to make more! Great job!


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